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Rent a Campervan Sydney – When and How To Do It!

Before you rent a campervan Sydney you should consider when you want to travel, how to get there and which campervan rental companies offer the best deal for your requirements.

To get the most out of renting a campervan in Sydney, Australia you should be sure you have ticked off all the right boxes to be comfortable as the campervan will be your home for the period you have rented it for, so make sure it feels like home.

First you should get an idea of costs, what is available for when you want to travel and what kind of campervan would suit you best. First up compare the costs to rent a campervan or motor home in Sydney by using the form below.

Compare Quotes from Campervan Rental Companies in Sydney

If you are planning a campervan holiday around Australia then try our trip quote comparison engine to work out about how much it will cost you. The best campervan and motor home companies are all included in the search. You can compare prices.

Having travelled by rental campervans all over Australia, the UK and New Zealand I have acquired a lot of sage advice and tips on making a campervan holiday in Australia a lot more comfortable and cost effective.

Rent a Campervan Sydney – Size and Layout

Now the most important aspect of an enjoyable family holiday is the size and the layout of a campervan. When you rent a campervan Sydney you must make sure the layout is suitable for the number of people travelling with you.

rent a campervan Sydney 4 berth from Kea spacious and perfect for families with kidsIf you are travelling with children (I learnt the hard way!) make sure the campervan has a nook or table for the kids to sit at and occupy themselves with books, games, puzzles and hand held gaming consoles.

Remember Australia is a tremendously big country and sometimes you will be driving your rental campervan for hours on end without stopping so avoid the highly annoying “Are we there yet!” groans every 5 minutes and stock up on snacks and entertainment for the rug rats.

When travelling the kids should be in their seat belts, the child seats at the back of most larger and newer campervans will have child restraints with a flip-down table between.

Check the campervan layouts from various companies to make sure this feature is included. A pleasant family holiday can be turned into a miserable experience with bored and whining children.

Rent Cheap or Rent Comfortable?

Many campervan renters make the mistake of not hiring enough space usually because of costs, compromising on space and comfort in order to rent a cheap campervan in Sydney one size down is a recipe for holiday disaster.

Do you need a shower and toilet? Once again it will cost less to not have these utilities in your campervan, but when you estimate the toilet needs of a family or couple over a day, then that means a lot of stops on your campervan holiday.

You will need to weigh up the money saved and the time delays and extra driving and gas to find public amenities (which can be few and far between in remote locations in Australia)

4 berth campervan with fold out table and child seatsWhen renting a campervan in Sydney, Australia, USA, the UK or New Zealand make sure to compare and check rates from as many different campervan rental companies as possible and query about rates, do they include linen, blankets, sundry items, cooking utensils?.

All campervan rental companies in Australia should have insurance included in the hire rate, but often there is a large excess appended to this standard insurance, if you are in an accident it will cost big, make sure to get total coverage.

When to Rent at a Cheaper Rate

To rent a campervan Sydney at a cheaper rate it is best to book early in the season, book before November if you are intending a Christmas to January holiday, remember campervan holidays are popular with Australians too and they are competing for the prime season.

Not to mention the fact that the rates go up considerably in the holiday season so booking months ahead will save you up to 40% off the high rates of the Christmas holidays.

Most campervan rental outlets in Australia should service country wide, our largest have outlets not only in Sydney but Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Cairns, Adelaide, Sunshine coast, Gold coast, Hobart, Tasmania and even Alice Springs.

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