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Want to Rent A Campervan In Australia? Read This Advice First

If you have decided to rent a campervan in Australia for your exciting Australian vacation then follow this advice before you sign the contract.

What to look for in the contract and how to prepare for any unforeseen charges and damage penalties after your great Australian campervan tour is over.

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Inspect the Contract Thoroughly

If you’re like me, when it comes to contracts my eyes glaze over when I reach the fine print. I skim through the rest and sign on the bottom line. Bad mistake!

Hire campervan from MauiWhen it comes to rental campervan contracts read the entire document before signing. Remember the devil is in the detail.

Don’t feel pressured to get it all done on the spot. This has been the downfall of many unwary holiday makers.

Read the contract at your leisure and make a note of any points you need clarification on. Legal speak is not written for us mere mortals to understand. Make sure it is explained verbally in plain English.

Here are some helpful tips on what to look out for and what to check before you rent a campervan in Australia.

A campervan inspection is essential

When you need to hire a campervan in Australia, disputed campervan vehicle damage and liabilities are some of the most common complaints about campervan rentals.

Consumer affairs point out that on average one out of five people who select a campervan for rent in Australia will incur some form of penalty payment.

Often this is justified, sometimes it is not. Make sure you can back up your dispute if it should arise.

Inspect the Campervan before driving away.

The first thing you should do to avoid unfair damage claims is to thoroughly inspect the condition report of the campervan for rent and then inspect the campervan itself with the sales staff present.

Check off the listed damage on the report and make a point of anything extra that is not on the report, as you will probably cop the penalty if it is not noted on the report.

Use your mobile camera or digital camera to photograph any existing damage, scratches or scuffs and dents, keep it in the glove box of the campervan during your tour.

This will allow you to photograph any damage or problems incurred if you rent campervans in Australia.

When you return the campervan after your fantastic tour of Australia make sure you obtain a traders agreement from the campervan hiring company in writing that the campervan you hired has not sustained any form of damage.

As you should with any credit card transaction, if you leave an imprint of your credit card when paying over the counter at the campervan company, make sure it is destroyed in front of you. If not it is an open invitation to credit card fraud.

The Dreaded Authorization Clause

In regard to your campervan contract, campervan companies often will include an unconditional authorization clause whereby they can charge an unlimited amount of money to your card in regards to damage or extra costs you may not be aware of.

Look for this in your contract and if you are leery of it find a company who does not have this in the contract.

When you rent a campervan in Australia make sure that hidden costs and penalties don’t ruin the memories of a great vacation.

Rent a campervan from one of our campervan companies which you will find in these cities, Adelaide, Cairns, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, the East Coast, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Darwin and Hobart.

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