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Hire Campevan New Zealand and see the sights

Hire campervan New Zealand and take a break from stressful city life. Do you want to take that long awaited holiday in New Zealand that you’ve been dreaming of? Whether with your loved ones, family and friends or just by yourself?

Hire campervan NZ and plan your NZ holiday

Here at hire campervan NZ you have all the resources you need to plan a campervan hire New Zealand holiday. If you love nature and beautiful, sweeping scenery then you’ll love New Zealand while touring our country in a campervan.

Hire Campervan New Zealand and save

Hire Campervan New Zealand

Why New Zealand? Let me take you to New Zealand and you will understand why you’ll hire campervans. New Zealand is known for its amazing scenic views. They offer unique experience that will make your vacation perfect.

You can go on a nature tour, camping, trekking and all the adrenaline rush activities that you’ve been dreaming to do ever since. New Zealand is known for its islands, which is the North Island and the South Island, both of them holds the wonder and beauty of nature which you can experience in a hire campervan New Zealand.

Now, gather your whole family and friends hire a campervan and let’s start touring in Auckland, New Zealand. Auckland is known all over the world as the city of sails. By its name itself you will see that this place is enfolded with cultural excitement and sea swept challenges.

It is New Zealand’s largest city but it is also wrapped up in a fascinating water world which is composed of 50 islands so it is perfect for water sport.

Why campervans and not Motorhomes?

Why these recreational vehicles and not hotels and resorts? They are both known as recreational vehicles with living space while on the road and they allow freedom from being tied to hotels, resorts and cities thus making it more convenient since you can travel from one city to another without the fuss and hassle of checking in and out of a hotel or resort.

Motorhomes are built on a bus or truck which is designed as living quarters for recreational travel, while campervans on the other hand are vans equipped as a self contained travelling home and are smaller than a motorhome.

The edge on a campervan from the motorhome is that it costs less and since it is smaller it is usually easier to drive from place to place and you can even park it more easily to any regular spaces. When you want mobility, what you need is campervans.

There are different kinds of campervans that you can choose from in New Zealand and they are best classified according to their size.

However, before getting one what you need to consider is their size, the facilities that they offer, in addition to the price. Do a little research on what campervan you prefer to hire.

The accommodation should also fit and work well with the people who are using it, like, if it has a sufficient room, a bath and a shower, a dinette, kitchenette and the interior design should also custom be built for New Zealands unique climate. Compare the rates from hotels, resorts and motorhomes.

Other motorhomes and campervans have a higher daily rate but may have additional amenities in it. What you need to think of is if you really need while on the road.

New Zealand is a large country and you don’t want to spend the rest of your day planning an unrealistic itinerary so you might want to plan ahead.

Visit Auckland in your Campervan

You can go to Auckland sky Tower if you want to enjoy the spectacular views of the city, then later on of the day you want to be on the road and go to Waitakere Ranges Regional Park but along the way you might want to stop over and enjoy some of its scenery.

That’s the beauty of using campervans. You can come and go anytime you want. Talk about ease and freedom is talking about campervans.

Why don’t you go ahead and experience New Zealand in Campervans and you have the perfect vacation that you would want to do over and over again.

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