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Hire a Campervan Perth Destinations to Visit

Hire a Campervan Perth Cheap

One of the most common questions people ask after choosing a campervan hire Perth Airport, is where are some great places to drive to around the Perth City area?.

One of the first places I would drive to after you hire a campervan Perth is along the spectacular Perth coastline.

Park your campervan and visit Cottesloe beach

Park your campervan and visit Cottesloe beach

Perth has over 19 sensational white sandy beaches. Some of the most popular beaches are Cottesloe, Scarborough and Trigg. You will find ample campervan parking available and an assortment of shops providing food, drinks and other retail outlets.

Driving your hire campervan about 10 minutes North from Trigg Beach along the West Coast Hwy coastal route is Hillarys Marina. This is also a very popular spot with great beaches, fun parks, retail shops, food, a pub and a number of great restaurants.

How much to hire a campervan Perth? Is a question you may be wondering about and our Perth Airport campervan hire outlet always has many specials running from very cheap to normal rates, just ask at the counter or check out our Perth campervan hire comparison page to get the best rates.

Here is a very valuable tip for visitors in hire camapervans. I would always recommend that you choose a company that does not put markings on the vehicle identifying that it is a hire campervan.

If you leave your vehicle in a car park it could attract a break in. Many visitors have lost cameras and other valuables from campervans. Be sure to lock all valuables in a safe place, away from “prying eyes”.

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