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Campervan Hire Insurance Australia – Essential Advice and Guide

You Will Need Campervan Hire Insurance in Australia, Why?

Should you get cheap campervan hire insurance Australia? Yes you should! Read this advice and guide on why you need insurance for your campervan when you holiday in Australia.

Standard campervan insurance is nearly always included in the quoted price for short term and long term hire. The stress is on nearly always! Make sure it is before handing over your cash.

If it isn’t then find out how much extra it will be for the entirety of your campervan holiday. Some unscrupulous campervan hire companies will leave out extra costs like this to lure you in the door and then hit you with them when they have finished pitching you the hard sell.

You Will Need Campervan Hire Insurance AustraliaBe aware that quite often the basic campervan insurance Australia will not include rental excess. If it does not and you feel you need it you will be forking out another substantial amount to cover it.

Hire Excess is essentially the amount you will have to pay in the event of a claim by the campervan hiring company in Australia.

Campervan Excess Insurance Australia Tips

It is good advice to be aware that campervan rental excess may be higher than usual for the under 21- 25 year old drivers with a licence, get a comparison quote from the campervan insurance Australia companies.

Claims can often run into the thousands, some companies may charge excessive claims, be aware of this and if a claim is filed, if you think it unfair, dispute it as they will assume you will pay up without complaint.

You can help to protect yourself against this happening by checking the campervan condition report with a staff member present before you hire.

Also photographing any damage, scuffs, dents etc you notice before hiring. If damage is found and is not recorded on the report then you will probably be blamed for it.

You can reduce the hire excess by paying excess reduction insurance. If it is not covered by the basic campervan insurance, as most people assume it is, then it is up to you to decide the pros and cons of adding it.

Be aware it will add even more to your overall cost. But in the event of a large insurance claim being issued against you, you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Remember the chances of incurring damage are quite possible during a lengthy campervan tour. You are at the mercy of other drivers, adverse weather conditions and many other factors beyond your control.

Check to see if you are already covered in your online quote. If you already have travel insurance you may be covered for damage to any rental vehicle you hire in Australia, but check first.

If it is not covered in your travel insurance and you intend to hire a campervan, then it may pay to find Australia campervan insurance that does cover rental damage claims. It will often work out cheaper than paying both.

You may also be covered if you are paying by platinum or gold credit cards. Many credit card companies cover hire excess insurance for their more valued customers. Make sure to check with your credit card company if this is how you are paying.

Comparison Campervan Insurance Australia

Compare online campervan hire insurance Australia with an online quote from the major campervan hire companies in Australia Kea, Maui, Mighty, Camperman, Britz, Autobarn, Jucy, Cruisin, and Go Cheap.
The major campervan companies we deal with will go through your campervan insurance in Australia when you hire from them.

We have pick-up locations in these locations, Adelaide, Cairns, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, the East Coast, the Gold Coast, the Sunshine Coast, Melbourne, Darwin and Hobart.

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